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With Seattle’s temperatures approaching the sub zero mark swiftly, winter is in full swing, even before the festive season can arrive. Moving house during the winter is a particularly difficult task. You’re faced with freezing temperatures, rain, snow, and bad weather. However, if you have to move, there’s nothing much you can do about it.


We’ve put together some of the best tips for moving to a new house during the winter months:


packed cartons before moving

Even though winter is an off-peak season for moving companies, it’s always best to book the service as soon as you can. Leaving this task in the hope that you will get your choice of moving service is a big risk you don’t want to take, especially if you’re moving long-distance.Leaving this task for too late can result in higher fees from the moving company.

Depending on the moving trends in the area you live, moving in the winter can be a cheaper option in comparison to other seasons.

Make sure everything is communicated well to the movers you have booked. Check in with the service a week in advance just to make sure everything is going to plan.


Seattle is notorious for its wet weather, especially in winter. Make sure you’re checking up on the weather forecast for your moving day weeks in advance. Moving during a heavy downpour is less than ideal, it’s also a dangerous task for movers as there’s a higher risk of accidents happening.

If there is a forecast for rain on your moving day, call up your moving company to reschedule your moving day. It’s better to postpone or prepone moving day. When the weather gets rough, there’s also a chance of roads being blocked off, which would hinder the move.


The moving process of having workers walking in and out of your house with your belongings can make your floor quite dirty. The snow and sludge get into their shoes which leave behind stains on the carpet as well as hardwood floors. Make sure your floors are protected when moving your belongings. Use plastic tarps from a hardware store to cover the floor of your home.


Your home’s front door is going to be left open for a considerable amount of time when moving out of your old place and when moving into your new place. With many storage boxes to transport, a good few hours are going to be consumed in just moving the boxes. Keeping your front door open will put a lot of stress on your home’s HVAC. It will have to work extra hard to keep your space warm.

Switch off your central heating instead till you’re done moving in or out. Use a portable heater in the bathroom so that the workers can use it while they are there. They will surely thank you for this!

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