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A Guide To Moving Home Gym Equipment

Health experts revealed that COVID-19 can quickly spread in confined spaces, gyms being top of the list. Gyms were initially closed down when the pandemic began and since then fitness enthusiasts have been investing in home gym equipment. Fitness equipment sales have, in fact, grown by 170% during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though gyms have reopened, many people are skeptical of rejoining.

Once you’ve invested in home gym equipment, moving them to a new home can be quite tricky. Here’s our guide to moving home gym equipment safely:


Ellipticals are great for a full body workout, however, when it comes to moving them, they require a few extra hands. The machine must first be disassembled. Remove the handlebars and then proceed to the pedals and console. Pack away each part of the elliptical separately so that it’s easier to assemble in your new home and the nuts and bolts don’t get mixed up.

If you’re looking to move your elliptical without disassembling it, you need plenty of packing tape and rope to secure it. Blankets and plastic wrap will prevent it from getting damaged too.


Weights and dumbbells are among the first fitness products people buy for at-home workouts. They take up less space and can be used in a multitude of weights. Using free weights is also known to be more effective than using exercise machines.

However, when moving to a new house, weights and dumbbells are a hazard and need to be packed and moved very carefully. Smaller weights can be grouped together and placed in boxes with bubble wrap. Be very careful when loading and unloading such boxes. Make sure these boxes are labeled correctly so that they are not placed over boxes with fragile items. Heavy weights like plates should be wrapped separately; carrying them can cause injuries. Moving services will most likely use specific equipment to move heavy items like these.

Weights and dumbbells being packed.


Exercise bench and stationary bike

When moving a stationary bike, first ensure all electrical components are unplugged. Pack all the cords neatly so they don’t entangle during the move. Fold the bike if it’s a compact, foldable one. Now, wrap blankets and plastic wrap around it to ensure it’s cushioned during a move. A foldable stationary bike can be carried on its own, for a regular bike, you will require some additional help. The same goes for an exercise bench, except that there are no electrical cords to take care of.

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