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A Guide for Couples Moving in Together

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Moving in together is a critical milestone in a relationship. But if it isn’t handled delicately, it can cause rifts, leading to fights or a breakup.

Top Tips for a Happy Relationship for Couples Moving In Together

Here are some tips that can help you maintain a happy relationship when you move in together with your partner:

1. Do a Trial Run

If this is your first time staying with your partner, do a trial run for a few weeks before moving in. This will help you get used to a shared space and make lifestyle differences apparent, which you can discuss, such as bedtimes, pre-work routines, etc.

2. Don’t Make Household Decisions Alone.

Only move around the furniture and decide on a color scheme for your new place after discussing it with your partner. They have to live with that decision, whether they like it or not, and that’s unfair to them. Make important decisions together by compromising. For example, compromise and consider coming down to four if you want to pile seven decorative cushions on the bed. This simple act can make your bond stronger.

3. Divide Chores

If you hate cooking but don’t mind washing dishes and it’s the opposite with your partner, switch with them. For chores, both of you hate doing (such as cleaning the toilet or litter box), compromise. Splitting chores straight down the middle is impossible and can lead to disagreements. Create a plan of action both of you can follow. Determine daily, weekly, and monthly tasks and who will handle what.

4. Discuss Your Deepest Fears

Moving in together can be stressful, especially if you have deep-set fears about cohabitation. You or your partner may fear losing independence, becoming too dependent on one another, or having a breakup. Discuss them with one another before moving in together, and develop a plan on how you can tackle each one. A game plan can prevent fights and hostile confrontations.

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