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If you’re reading this, you’ve either bought a new house or are in the process of doing so—congratulations! This is not just a milestone that you’ll remember until the end of your life, but also a new beginning. A new house means leaving your worries behind, relocating to a new neighborhood, and forging bonds with new people.

But while you’re excited about bringing your utopian idea for a house to life, there’s a lot that you might end up forgetting.

That’s why we’ve made a checklist for some things that you can’t forget during the moving process. So without further ado, let’s cut to the chase:

Don’t forget to cancel any subscriptions

If you’ve lived in your old neighborhood for a while, you’ve probably subscribed to monthly newsletters, magazines, and maybe even books. There’s also a chance that you’re a paying membership fee for a nearby gym, sports club, or library.

If you move to the new house without getting these subscriptions canceled, your bills will keep on accumulating. If you fail to clear your payments for a number of months, the company might even make its way to your new house! Catalog all your subscriptions exhaustively and reach out to each company to cancel it.

moving to a new house

Update your address

Every time you sign up for a service, you need to put in your address. Other than that, addresses are also an important way for banks and other institutions to dispatch your credit card statements, bills, and various other important documents.

If you forget to update your address in the bank’s records, for instance, you might end up missing a loan payment. This demonstrates how crucial it is.

Take a few days off from work

Whoever told you packing is easy, needs to think again. Only after getting started do you realize that there’s more to be packed than you thought. Years of living in the same house mean a ton of clutter, heaps of paper that you no longer need, clothes that are too small, and toys that your child has grown out of.

Sort all the items according to their use and pack them in a way that doesn’t take up a lot of time. Juggling all of these packing tasks along with a full-time job can take a toll on your physical and mental health.

You really need some energy left to unpack the belongings and set things right in the new house. Speak to your boss and see if you can get a few days off.

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