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When moving from your old place, you probably made a checklist to organize and ensure a smooth transition. And now that you’re finally in the new house, you’re all pumped to begin this new chapter in life. Of course, moving isn’t an everyday activity, and since you’ve done it so successfully, you truly deserve a pat on the back.

But, before you call your friends and family over for a housewarming party, there are some essential things that need to be done. Although the journey to your new house might have been challenging, what’s more crucial is the steps you take after moving in. So, roll up your sleeves and get ready to work. We’ve made a post-moving checklist for you to follow:

Step 1: Do a Proper Walkthrough

When you move into your new place, walk around, and do a thorough inspection. This is the best time to do a walkthrough, as your house will be completely empty. You might even want to pull out your magnifying glass to observe every nook and cranny. Look out for visible damage such as plumbing issues like leaking faucets, mold growth, seepage, or even paint cracks.

A quick way to check for water leaks is by noting the reading on your water meter at the beginning of the day and the end (during which no water was used). If both readings are the same, you’ve got nothing to worry about. However, different readings might mean there’s a leakage, and you’ll have to call in a professional plumber to get it fixed.

Walk around your house to double-check whether all repairs have been done by the owner (if previously agreed upon). Everything included in the sale, such as electrical appliances, is in the house, and they’re in working condition. If you come across any issues that weren’t a part of the contract, you’ll have to deal with them yourself.

Along with inspecting the interiors, go outside to the back or front yard and check for any problems that require immediate action.

It helps to list down all the issues from each room; this way, you can easily scratch out each task when resolved, until the list is completed.

A couple unpacking their boxes in Seattle

Step 2: Set Up the Utilities

We recommend connecting your utilities before moving in, but if it’s not done, this should be the second thing you should take care of. You’ll need electricity and water to ensure a smooth transition; call up these utility companies right away. When the place is lit, you have water and gas; everything will seem easier.

Next, you’ll need to make internet, phone and T.V. cable arrangements. It’s also a great idea to call the waste management people to make sure they pick up garbage from your new place.

A child playing in their corner during unpacking.

Step 3: Child Proof or Pet Proof Your Home

If you’re moving in with children or your furry friends, then child/pet-proofing is an essential step. This will keep them safe until the whole house is properly set up. Toddlers, in particular, are curious and can make their way to your boxes. Some might have sharp items like kitchen knives, glassware, cutter, and forks, which can be dangerous. Creating a child-zone will keep them safe and entertained while you do the unpacking.

Select an area that’s far from the boxes but is still visible. Then, cover all electrical sockets and close any windows; you can even add a makeshift gate. Give them some toys or play some poems and let them enjoy the day; after all, moving was tough on them too.

A couple unpacking their boxes in Seattle.

Step 4: Begin Unpacking the Essentials

Unpacking is every homeowner’s nightmare; with so many boxes spread across the place, where do you start? We recommend targeting the essentials box first and then slowly make your way to the others. Begin by unpacking boxes for three of the most important rooms in the house — the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. After a tiring day of moving and unpacking, you’ll need a bed to rest your back. You’ll also need some pots and pans to cook your meals and of course a properly functioning bathroom with all your toiletries.

Once these three rooms are set, you can slow down your unpacking. Hiring a professional moving service will lift 80% of the burden as we can help you pack in no time, move, and unpack all your belongings. This way, you can focus on other important tasks while our experts handle the rest.

A new lock on a house door

Step 5: Don’t Forget The Locks

If you’re spending the night in your new house, you need to ensure that you and your family are completely safe and secured. The previous owner may have given the keys to some stranger, and an intrusion is the last thing you want. Don’t wait to call a locksmith, and get all the locks changed. If the doors don’t have locks, make sure you get new ones installed. This won’t take time and can be done within a day’s time.

Step 6: Continue Unpacking

If you’ve planned to do the unpacking on your own, there will be tons of boxes left to be unpacked. Open one box at a time and put each item in the correct place. Opening two or more boxes simultaneously will just add more confusion and increase your work-time.

Begin with the other bedrooms, then move to the living room and leave the attic and basement for the end. Don’t forget to pack the empty boxes properly and give them to your nearby recycling company.

Step 7: Change Your Postal Address

Moving to a new house means a different postal address. So, take the time to change your existing one, or else your new tenants will be receiving mail at the old address. You can go to your local post office or even do it online.

Step 8: Say Hello to Your Neighbors

Your new neighbors will see you moving in and out, curious about who you are. Take some time to walk around your neighborhood and say hello to your neighbors. You can ask them questions about nearby stores, parks and even about schools for your children. Friendly and welcoming neighbors will help you and your children adjust quickly.

Step 9: Decorate Your New Space

An empty house is like a blank canvas that’s waiting for you to show your creativity. Take some time to decide on a style that matches your personality and preferences. You can choose from modern, minimal to contemporary and luxurious. You’ll find a ton of interior décor inspiration online that will help you design the house of your dreams.

Professional movers helping during moving.

Hire Professional Movers Service

Moving to a new house can be challenging; hiring a residential and professional moving service Seattle can help make the process easier. At ACME Moving Labor, our experts can answer all your Seattle moving help queries. From loading and unloading services, packing, moving, and unpacking, we’re your go-to local movers in Seattle. Our storage containers are weatherproof storage so your belongings will be safe during transportation. Contact us to get a free quote and avail our hassle-free moving services.

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