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9 Hacks for Reducing Stress During a Move

Do you know what’s more stressful than a divorce? Moving.

We’re not joking, either! A recent survey conducted with 2,000 respondents revealed that six out of every ten people considered moving to be more stressful than a breakup or a divorce. Furthermore, several scientific studies suggest that the anxiety associated with life-changing situations that occur in brief periods can compromise your mental wellness.

If you’re moving into a new home or an office soon, don’t worry, though—because we’re here with nine stress-reducing hacks that’ll make your move hassle-free.

  1. Take Photos of Valuable/Important Items

Don’t forget to take pictures of your new & old property before moving in and moving out—have concrete evidence for insurance coverage in case any stuff gets damaged. Moreover, take photos of your valuables and documents to account for them and to know where they are when unpacking.

  1. Transfer Utilities & Change Your Address ASAP

Notify utility authorities a few weeks before your move; moreover, schedule appointments for utility services that require installation a month in advance. If you’re moving to a community with an HOA, ensure that it covers or provides flexible due dates for paying bills.

You certainly don’t want your bills and mail delivered to your old address. Visit the USPS website and change your mailing address to avoid this hassle.

  1. Hire a Garbage/Junk Removal Company

Plenty of garbage and packaging junk are left behind after you’re done packing & unpacking. Avoid adding garbage disposal to your to-do list because it’s hectic and time-consuming. Alleviate your stress by hiring a professional garbage disposal team to take care of the task.

  1. Work Out an Unpacking and Organizing Plan

Lay out a plan regarding how you want to decorate and organize your new office. Measure the rooms and work out where your furniture will go; this will save you from the task of moving items back and forth and risking damaged belongings.

  1. Make a Moving Day Kit

Don’t forget to pack the essentials you’ll need on moving day. Pop the following items in a handy bag and keep it in your car:

  • Snacks
  • Water bottles
  • Power banks and battery chargers
  • First aid kit
  • Cleaning tools and equipment
  • Toiletries
  • A set of PJs
  • And the Keys!
  1. Order Food on the Moving Day

The last thing you’ll want to do after moving is cooking; don’t stay hungry as it can be detrimental, especially when you’re tired and stressed. Browse some nearby eateries in your new neighborhood beforehand and place an order to get groceries delivered the next day.

  1. Take a Break

Go out for a stroll in the park or just take a short break and drink some freshly brewed coffee or tea in your backyard. A breath of fresh air and some self-care is vital—even during a move.

A woman getting enough sleep to stay energetic and stress-free during a move

  1. Sleep Well

When there’s so much to do—and think about—your sleep schedule is compromised significantly. And not getting a good night’s sleep elevates stress and reduces your energy level. So, get some shut-eye before the big day!

  1. Make Us a Part of Your Moving Journey

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