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4 Ways to Save Money During Your Big Move

Along with being time-consuming, stressful, and tiring, moving is expensive! This is why it’s essential to save as much as you can during your move. Here are some top tips to help you through:

Choose Your Date and Time Wisely

One of the first things to do is select a day that’s during non-peak season. Hiring a moving company can be a cost-effective solution if you book them well in advance. Anywhere between September to April is a good time as this is when the demand is low, and you can get a reasonable rate. Another thing to keep in mind is the day you choose. Booking a moving service during mid-week (Tuesday-Thursday) will definitely be cheaper than moving on a weekend.  Schedule your move during the mid of the month, not at the start or toward the end; this will further lower the cost.

Professional movers are often assumed to be expensive, but if you book them at the right time for the right day, you can enjoy a stress-free move at a pocket-friendly price.

De-Clutter Before You Pack

Before packing everything into boxes, evaluate whether you actually need those things or not. Removing any unused items is another great way to reduce cost. This will reduce the weight of your boxes, making the transportation cost low. The best way to get rid of your belongings is to have a garage sale. This way, you’ll get some extra cash on hand, and lesser boxes to handle will mean lesser stress.

A couple packing glass items into cardboard boxes


Plan Your Meals

When you move out of your current home, you’ll switch off the main power supply, which means that there won’t be anywhere to store food. Your plates and other food supplies will be packed in boxes, making eating out an easy option. When ordering from restaurants, you can easily go over-budget, increasing the total expenses during moving. This is why we recommend planning meals for a few days until you begin cooking at your new place.

You can stock up on some ready-to-eat snacks to keep those mid-cravings at bay. If you have to order from restaurants, keep a minimum budget in mind to not go overboard.

Only Buy What You Need

When you move to your new place, you’ll first have to do a thorough clean-up before unpacking. Only buy necessary cleaning supplies and avoid overspending on expensive supplies and equipment.

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