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According to a Ph.D. and a clinical psychologist at Smart Health, Marni Amsellum, moving is an exciting task, but exciting things can often be stressful.

She says, “Anytime we’re facing change, that is inherently stressful,”

Moving is a life-changing event, and the uncertainty attached to it can lead to depression, anxiety, and stress. Even though you may have sorted out and planned everything step by step, you’ll experience curveballs along the way that will affect you.

There are a number of factors that can throw you off before the actual move, such as paperwork, legal documents, packing, organizing, hiring a reliable mover, and managing finances.

Moving comes with stress, and that’s a fact we can’t ignore. This is why we’ve compiled a few tips to help you cope with the anxiety.


packed boxes to be moved

Staying organized is the key to making the entire moving process easier. It applies to every task—from packing your clothes, electronic appliances, and fragile grocery items to organizing your documentation and legal paperwork.

It’s better to begin planning and organizing stuff eight to nine weeks prior to moving day. This extra time will allow you to pack everything calmly at your own pace, and allows flexibility, in case something goes wrong unexpectedly.


This tip mostly applies to the procrastinators who delay every task to the last minute. Trust us; you need to let it go while you’re moving.

Begin with making a list of every tiny task that you need to do before you move. Add deadlines to that list and stick to them! You may think listing down tasks is not important, but believe us, your mind will come up with the most important ideas and tasks at midnight, and many other ungodly hours.

Keep a diary with you at all times, and note it down!


It’s extremely important to create a budget that fulfills all your needs, while not leaving a dent on your bank account.

Make a budget that includes everything like clothing expense, moving help Kent’s cost, travel costs, cost of moving boxes, food, hangers, tape, scissors—literally everything! Unexpected costs and expenses can add to the stress big-time—so make a budget to avoid unwanted anxiety.

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