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3 Things To Consider Before You Move To Seattle, WA

Been thinking about packing up your life and moving all the way to Seattle, WA? You’ll be surprised to know that you’re not the only one! Over the last few years, the Seattle population has grown at an exponential rate, and it doesn’t look like it’s about to slow down any time soon.

A lot of this population growth has been because of the city’s fast lifestyle, interesting culture, and many opportunities, due to it being a hub of growing tech companies. Even though many people choose to move to Seattle looking for a better job or greater business opportunities, they eventually end up staying because of its vibrant, lively culture.

If you’re thinking of moving to Washington’s emerald city, here’s a realistic picture of what the place is really like and all the things you need to consider before you finally take the leap of faith.

It’s Not As Wet and Wild As You’ve Probably Heard

People who love rain, folks who have never been to Seattle, and fans of the Twilight saga are fascinated with the city because they’ve heard that it’s the rainiest city in the US. However, that isn’t entirely true, and if you’re only moving so that you can watch more rains with your cups upon cups of coffee, maybe try Malaysia?

In truth, Seattle only sees around 92 days of rain in total compared to the over 150 of bright sunshine. If you still feel like this is a fairly good amount of rain, you’ll be surprised to know that NYC, Houston, and Boston get a lot more rain than Washington’s Emerald City.

A great perk of Seattle’s weather, however, is that even when it’s raining, you probably won’t be needing your umbrella. The nature of rains in Seattle is more light sprinkles than heavy showers.

A stunning image of the setting sun over Seattle, WA.

Seattle Is For You If You Love Summers and Sunshine!

If you like the feeling of having the warm sunshine in your face on an average afternoon while you enjoy a glass of chilled orange juice, Seattle is totally your vibe. With low humidity, incredible views, and warm, glorious summer days with an average temperature of 75 degrees, the city is probably one of the best places you could move to.

Enjoy outdoor activities, including hiking, water skiing, or kayaking, or making your way into fun and exotic festivals that will push you to discover and uncover amazing things about yourself. The city offers an endless list of fun things to do, even on your most boring days.

Seattle Is Abundantly Green!

You probably know by now that this is not the right place for homebodies and people who prefer staying indoors. Being home to thousands of people who love exploring and expanding their outdoor lives, this city has a lot of incredible views and places to offer.

If you’re moving to the Emerald City in 2020, make sure you visit places like Kerry Park, Green Lake Park, and Gas Works Park.

Convinced that Seattle is the perfect new home for you and looking for professional moving labor services in Seattle to help you? Here’s a list of all the services we offer. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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