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Are you considering moving this year to a new location? Moving is a very tedious process and you need to prepare and be organized for it. You can go through a rollercoaster of emotions of being overwhelmed while packing and feeling sad to leave your old house filled with memories while being excited about the new one.

People move for various reasons like:

  • Improving their standard of living
  • Living close to their loved ones
  • Getting better career prospects
  • Moving to a bigger house to start a family.

While moving on short notice, you have limited time to pack your things and you tend to make mistakes, which can cause big problems. So here are some mistakes that you must avoid on moving day.

Not Packing An Essentials Bag

While packing, you can easily forget to keep your important things with you while moving to the new location. Sometimes, movers can take a few days to get your things delivered to your new house and you would need all your toiletries, some clothes, and food with you. If you forget to take these things with you, you might have to buy them immediately, incurring costs for you.

Not Packing Your Valuables And Documents Yourself

If you pack your valuable items and certificates or documents like passports yourself and do not keep them with you in your essentials bag, the movers might pack them and transport them in the moving truck. You will have to go through all the bag boxes to search for them when you need them urgently. You might have to show them at the check posts if you’re traveling interstate.

Not Labeling The Boxes Properly

Almost all moving boxes look identical, and you should label them properly. This will help you categorize all your belongings, and it will be easy for you to unpack and organize your new house. You can also color-code your boxes according to every room so that the movers can place them in the right room for your ease.

Not Disconnecting The Appliances

Taking the big appliances with you on moving day will have to be planned beforehand. You’ll have to defrost and dry out your refrigerator so that it doesn’t leak any water while being transported. It’s also time-consuming to disconnect your gas lines from your appliances, so you can save time on moving day by doing them earlier.

Forgetting To Clean Your Furniture

Cleaning your furniture beforehand will allow the movers to pack and transport them easily. This is essentially important for your outdoor furniture as they have the most amount of dirt on them.

Lifting Heavy Furniture Without Safety Gear

Many of your household items are quite heavy to lift alone without safety gear. This can injure your back or cause any other dangerous accident. To prevent these accidents, you can hire a moving company to do all the heavy lifting as they have all the right equipment, footwear and lifting support to easily move them.

Professional movers service unloading the boxes to a new house in Seattle.


Forgetting To Declutter Some Items

Decluttering is very important during your move and you can give away, sell or discard your unwanted items to reduce your transportation costs. It’ll also help you unpack easily without having to reorganize in your new house.

Missing The Food Planning For The Day

You can plan your meals for your moving day beforehand to avoid any problems during packing and loading your belongings. You can keep water bottles and refreshments handy so that you can recharge your energy while working and supervising. You can also order takeout to reduce any time wastage on the day of the move.

Cleaning Your House On Moving Day

If you scheduled your cleaners and movers on the same day, it’s going to be quite a haphazard procedure. The cleaners won’t be able to clean your house properly as the             movers will be simultaneously moving your furniture and leaving dirt behind. There is also a chance of workers slipping due to wet floors.

Not Making An Inventory List

Making an inventory list is essential so that you can tally it with your movers. It will make it easier for you to locate your belongings when you’ve moved to the new house.

During COVID, it’s essential to be careful due to the rapid rise in the cases. Avoid these oversights.

Not Asking The Movers How They’re Mitigating The Coronavirus Risk

When you hire a moving company for packing and transporting your belongings, you need to ensure that they’re taking proper safety measures. As the coronavirus is contagious, you can contact your moving company and ask them regarding all the precautionary measures and personal protective equipment that they’re providing their labor.

Not Wearing Masks Or Gloves

You need to wear masks and gloves yourself and ensure that your family also wears protective gear even when they are inside the house while the labor is working. This will prevent any of the family members from catching the virus and you can supervise all the labor from a 6 feet distance.

Forgetting To Use And Offer Hand Wash Or Sanitizer

You can keep hand wash and hand sanitizer at the entrance of your house so that the movers can use it while entering and leaving your house. This will avoid any contact and they will practice the safety measures themselves.

Borrowing Packing Supplies From Someone Else

You can easily buy your packing supplies like cardboard boxes and tapes from a nearby grocery store. Borrowing them from your friends or neighbors would pose a threat of the virus entering your house. You can also disinfect the new boxes by spraying the disinfectant over them.

Professional movers service loading boxes in Seattle.


Not Sanitizing The Moving Truck

You have to be careful and protect your health during this pandemic. To ensure that, you need to make sure the moving labor sanitizes all the door handles, steering wheel, seat belt and seat if you’re traveling with the movers.

Forgetting To Disinfect Your Furniture After The Move

After the movers have unloaded everything at your new house and have left, you can spray a disinfectant liquid on all your furniture and boxes and leave them for two to three days. This will allow you to get rid of the virus. You can mop the floors and replace the duct filters to improve the indoor air quality of your new house.

If you’re feeling sick before or during your move, it would be wise to delay your move to protect your family and the labor from catching the virus from you.

While moving with children during the pandemic, you must be more careful about the SOPs and other precautionary measures.

Not Having Your Kids’ Essential Things With You While Traveling

Traveling with kids is always a challenge, so you must keep an extra pair of clothes and some food for them to snack on during the traveling time.

Not Preparing Them Before The Moving Day

Getting them mentally prepared for the move is also important to keep them involved in the decision of moving to a new location.

Not Keeping Them Safe With Protective Clothing

Children don’t usually have a very strong immune system and you need to ensure that they are wearing their masks and gloves at all times.

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