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Children find it difficult to prepare and adjust to a move. Leaving their school, friends, and old room behind is a great deal for them. Fear and anxiety kicks in and makes them jittery due to the thought of moving to a completely new neighborhood.

There are ways to ease the transition for your kids if you’re unable to change their mind about moving. Children tend to adapt to something faster and with ease if they’re prepared for it beforehand.

Here are several ways to prepare your child for a move.

Communicate It to Them

Talk to your children during the initial stages of your moving process. When you’re planning it out, it’s essential to communicate with them. Show them the floor maps and take their suggestions about it. If you’re moving to a bigger place, you can let them decide what to do with the spare rooms they have. You can start making them accustomed to the idea of moving by buying them new things to decorate their room. When children get worried, they tend to ask several questions; reassuring them and answering all their questions with a positive attitude is important.

Recognize Their Feelings

Children will go through a rollercoaster of different feelings, thinking about the move. They can be happy when they think about their new room and new toys. They can also feel sad and anxious to leave their friends behind.

Recognizing their feelings while helping them push their fears aside is tough and requires strong parenting skills. As moving is not easy for everyone, you can start by making them feel better about it and explain it to them that they might get sad, to help them understand the concept of ‘bittersweet’ changes.

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Start A Calendar Countdown

Kids respond to visual concepts and it increases their acceptability. Hang a calendar in their room and mark the date or month that you’ll be moving on. Place a marker near the calendar and cross out the days with them like a fun activity so they can get accustomed to the idea. This will help them think of it as a fun experience rather than being scared of it.

Plan the Timeline to Move

Planning a timeline around your children’s holidays and summers is important. This will help you find the right time to move. Moving right in the middle of their academic year will create problems for them. The ideal time would be to move in the summers when they have time off from school, so they can spend some with their old friends and can get accustomed to the new neighborhood during the rest.

Visit the New House with Them

Visiting the new house will help your children visualize their new house and play areas. If you have a backyard, you can show them how they can play over there. You can also explore the other places with them and point out the benefits that they can get by living over there; how accessible certain things will be and how they will enjoy them thoroughly.

Include Them in Your Planning

When you’re planning the furniture and colors of the rooms, take suggestions from your children to make them feel involved in the decision. This will help them look forward to moving as they’ll feel that they designed their rooms themselves.

Read Books About Moving

Reading books about moving can also help them feel that it’s okay to move and that it’s part of life. They can empathize with the stories and characters and can express what they’re feeling. Reading about facts and adventurous places about the new place will motivate them to move.

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Take Pictures to Save Memories

Help them create a scrapbook to save all the memories about moving. Take pictures of your old house, the process of packing and moving and make them write captions to them. This will help them write their feelings and go through them after they move out if they start missing it.

Declutter Everything with Them

Help your children declutter their clothes and toys so that they have more space to buy new ones. This will help them understand the idea of saving things that are important. Give the other things to charity so that they can learn about giving things rather than hoarding them. After that, you can hire a moving company to help pack your things, so they don’t feel an invasion of privacy.

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Make Friendship Goodies for Their Friends

Creating friendship goodies with pictures of each of their friends and giving it to them as a gift will help them communicate it to their friends. You can add stationery, chocolates, and pens to the friendship goodies. It will help make moving to the new place a positive occasion and make saying good-bye to their friends and the old place easier.

Help Them Pack Their Stuff

Packing a box with their favorite toys and clothes will make moving a less scary event. Let them know that the moving services will safely pack their other belongings and will transport everything carefully to their new house.

Throw A Goodbye-Party

It can be difficult to leave your childhood friendship bonds. Throwing a good-bye party will give a chance to your children enjoy one last event with their friends. You can host it in your backyard or at a friend’s house to avoid chaos while packing everything. Saying proper goodbyes is important so that there’s no abrupt ending to their friendships, and it will help them value your efforts.

Take Pictures Outside the House

Take pictures of them in every special place where they played and slept so they can look at them when they miss it. Then you can create a comparable picture of that and the new house so they can understand the difference and accept it. Start calling your new house as ‘our house’ and refer to the old one as your ‘old house’ so they can change their perspective regarding it.

Packing with children and decluttering in Kent.

Organize Their Rooms in The New House

When your children set up their own room, it’ll create a sense of ownership for them. You can ask your moving company to label their boxes and place them inside their room so they can unpack them at their own pace. Help them unpack their rooms before everything else.

Plan something new and adventurous to turn into family rituals in your new neighborhood with them so that they look forward to it. Have dinners in similar restaurants so that they feel everything they loved about the old house is available at the new house. Have them join new activities so that they are busy and can make new friends easily.

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Plan A Trip to Your Old Neighborhood To Meet Old Friends

Before moving, plan a date to come back to your old town and meet their old friends. This will reassure them that they will not go away from the place forever but will be able to come back and see their friends.

Hiring a professional moving service Seattleis a wise idea if you have toddlers or children so that they can help you with packing and loading and unloading. While you take care of your kids and give them all your attention so they can have a smooth and swift moving experience. If you are in Seattle and Kent and need intercity or intracity moving help, you can contact us and avail of our residential moving services Seattle.

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