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13 Tips for Moving Safely During COVID-19

Millions of Americans moved houses in the U.S. in 2019. While the moving industry stalled for a while in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is projected to grow by $ 1.95 bn during 2020-2024.

The pandemic caused a major loss to the moving industry. This was mostly due to the implementation of wide-spread lockdowns, restricted travel, and limited mobility and movement allowances across the globes.

However, now with various relaxations and easing in the lockdowns, the moving industry is slowly coming back.

Moving, on its own, is a very physically and emotionally tiring process. Couple that with the ongoing pandemic, safety concerns, and fear of getting sick, moving is nothing short of a feat!

Governments, associations, and unions offer many recommendations to help you transition into your new home in a safe and reliable way. With trusted and reliable companies offering moving help in Seattle like ACME Moving Labor, you can relocate safely during the pandemic while keeping the following recommendations in mind.

1.      Start Preparing Early

Whether you’re moving due to additional responsibilities, to care for family members, due to changing jobs, or closure of educational institutes, it’s a good idea to start preparing early. Plan your move as much as you can, specifying the date and steps you need to take to make it a success.

The uncertainty of the pandemic might result in limited stock supplies, limited store opening hours, and unexpected state-wide lockdown. Therefore, it’s best if you start making your moving to-do list as early as possible.

A close-up of boxes lined up


2.      Buy Everything Online

With limited operating hours and restricted number of customers allowed in stores, it’s a good idea to get your essentials online.

Get them delivered at your current house, or better yet, get them delivered ahead to your new space (depending on their booking and delivery process). This will help ensure that you’re not interacting with a lot of people and are also staying inside.

Since deliveries are usually packed and handled with various standard operating procedures that have become even more rigorous during the pandemic, you’ll be relatively safer.

3.      Get Virtual Quotes

Don’t invite the moving company to your home for a quote. Even if the movers follow all procedures, it’s a good idea to show your house and belongings on a virtual platform to get an online estimate on the moving process and services.

4.      Clean and Disinfect Everything

Whether you’re giving away your belongings or taking them with you, it’s a good idea to clean and disinfect everything before packing them. There are several government-mandated guidelines for proper cleaning and disinfecting of household items, so be sure to incorporate them in your cleaning routine. High-touch surfaces, in particular, must be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis.

A person with a mask and gloves puts boxes in the trunk


5.      Pack Properly

Pack all your belongings once you’ve cleaned and disinfected them. It’s also a good idea to wrap the box in film and sanitize it. Don’t forget to keep your gloves on during this entire process.

Store all the packed boxes in an empty room and be ready with all your belongings 24 hours before the movers arrive.

6.      Learn Donating Procedures

If you’re donating your belongings, make sure you adhere to the charities’ donating procedures. While such rules have always been rigorous, they’ve become even more strict during the pandemic. Make sure you meet their standards and clean and disinfect your belongings before giving them away.

A group of movers with masks and gloves


7.      Hiring a Moving Company

It’s a good idea to hire a moving company that adheres to COVID-19 SOPs and guidelines. Make sure to ask their procedures and safety regulations online or over the phone. Be sure you opt for a residential and moving company that is safe and reliable.

Ask them their policies around sanitizing trucks and equipment, their adherence to federal and local guidelines around social distancing and sanitization, and other protocols they have in place for protection.

8.      Maintain COVID-19 SOPs During the Move

During the move, keep practicing COVID-19 SOPs. Don’t shake hands, wear gloves, and maintain a 6-feet distance. Keep a mask on at all times and keep washing your hands and using a hand sanitizer. Make sure your movers are following and adhering to the same principles.

9.      Children and Vulnerable Members

During the move, make sure children, and other vulnerable family members are in a separate room while the movers clear out the house. Make sure all the people are following all COVID-19 guidelines.

10. Proper Ventilation

During the move, make sure your doors and windows remain open for proper ventilation and air circulation. Keep a hand sanitizer, soap, and paper towels at the ready for the movers.

11. Stay Away

While it’s tempting to jump in and help the movers, it’s better to stay away for both you and your mover’s protection. Plus, it would help if you let them do their job which they’re trained to do. Make sure you’re all wearing masks and gloves and keep a safe distance.

12. Disinfect Your New Home

As soon as your movers leave, disinfect your new home before you unpack and start settling in. Dispose of all the packing material and get rid of them in the correct ways. It would also be useful if you get tested so that you can quarantine and isolate safely.

13. Be Transparent

If you suddenly feel sick on the day of your planned move, then it’s imperative that you alert your moving company right away. While it may lead to a delay or a postponement to another date until you feel better, it’s imperative that you quarantine yourself during this time in order to curb the spread of the infection.

A move is always stressful, and the stress has significantly heightened due to the ongoing pandemic. However, as long as you hire a residential and professional moving service that adheres to all industry standards and COVID-19 guidelines and precautionary measures, then you’re in safe hands.

ACME Moving Labor are your go-to local movers for your Seattle moving help concerns with strict guidelines in place for COVID-19.

Your health is a priority for us, so we have enforced the highest precautionary measures for your safety and comfort. Contact us now and get a free quote for your move.

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